How to make lemonade?

How to make lemonade?

Here are the five golden rules for making the perfect lemonade. And three recipes for an alternative lemonades. Call the children together, we are ready!

How to make a perfect lemonade to cool down hot summer afternoons? Here are our recipes and the rules to follow.

Lemonade, American-style

The American lemonade fashion has landed in Italy for a long time now, thanks to the many scenes of famous films in which groups of children set up stalls of homemade fresh lemonade in the garden. And since there is no shortage of good lemons in Italy, why not try this very simple and super versatile recipe perfect for the summer? Gather all the children in the neighbourhood and have a great party!

The classic lemonade recipe

To prepare a very simple lemonade you have to squeeze three lemons, filter the juice and sweeten it with cane sugar to taste, preferably previously chopped. Dilute everything with still or fresh sparkling water, also in this case, establishing according to your tastes how much you want to use to more or less dampen the acid taste of the lemons. Let’s say that the right proportion could be the juice of three lemons in 500 ml of water with 3-4 tablespoons of sugar. Always add ice to your lemonade and also some lemon slices without seeds to make it even more flavorful and fragrant.

However, you can keep the lemonades in the refrigerator for two days.

Strawberry Lemonade

A variation that children like very much are lemonades with strawberries. To prepare it you have to blend 200 g of strawberries or crush them in a sieve to extract the juice. Then mix them with the juice of three lemons and fresh still or sparkling water. You can also not add sugar because the fruits are already sweet.

Lavender lemonade

This variant is very delicate and has a delicious aftertaste. It is prepared with fresh lavender which must be macerated in boiling water for about half an hour. Then use this infusion instead of water to dilute the lemon juice.

Lemon flavoured water

However, it is not a real lemonade because the lemons are not squeezed. But only left in the water to flavour it. It is a super detox and very thirst-quenching drink. You don’t have to add sugar and therefore it is also very light. To prepare it, dip lemon slices, lots of fresh mints. And thinly sliced ​​ginger root in a jug of plain water. Leave to infuse for a few hours and then serve. Scroll through our gallery to discover the rules of the perfect lemonade .

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