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How to grow weed?

How to grow weed. Growing your marijuana and producing high-quality buds is straightforward and straightforward… you follow eight essential steps for every culture.

And in today’s post, you will learn precisely what these eight steps are. From creating your grow space to drying and caring for your flower …

After reading today’s post, growing marijuana will have no secrets from you.

Step 1: How to install your grow tent: How to grow weed

As this is an important and broad topic, I have dedicated an entire article to this topic:

How to Set Up Your Tent for Effective Growing (Marijuana))

Once you have read and defined your tent …

It’s time to …

Step 2: Germinate The Seeds

There are several ways to germinate your seeds …

And while most of these methods are effective, over the years, I have found a technique that is the most effective and exciting enough… it is also the most scientifically sound method.

You can read it here:

Five essential steps to germinate weed seeds

Now that we are making progress.

Your children always start …

Phase 3: Growing of the seedlings: How to grow weed

The sowing phase is when Phaseseed is planted, and the first sets of true leaves appear.

What do I mean by “real leaves”?

True leaves appear after the cotyledons (the 2 round leaves that emerge immediately after the seed has germinated).

Cotyledon and true leaves

It may take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the germination method and just general variation between seeds.

At the beginning of the planting phase, it is usually a bad idea to water the seedlings.

If the soil or La Tana Quick dries up, all you do is spray it with water.

Also, keep a bright light on the emerging seedling with an H5, CFL, or LED lamp (in the case of LEDs, be sure to do this at a sufficient distance, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for this). Do not use invisible light at this stage of growth. It can promote root rot due to heat.

Once your plant has developed its first set of true leaves, it goes to …

Phase 4: Growth in the vegetative stage: How to grow weed

Vegetative Phase The vegetatiPhasease is the Phase Phasee your place will reach their full size before they begin to flower and produce the buds we are all looking for.

Leaves, branches will grow, the stem will grow. …


It is at this point that your wretched plantation will become a solid and complete plant.

Both horizontally and vertically, you want your plants to grow as much as possible at this stage for the highest yields.

To achieve this, there are a few points to keep in mind regarding:

  • Light cycles during vegetative growth
  • Irrigation;
  • Nutritious;
  • Free space root development;
  • Temperature and humidity, and;
  • Cultivation techniques.

What should light cycles be used during vegetative growth?

This applies to both soil growth and hydroponics!

Idro post console If you haven’t already …

Now is the time to put your plant under its leading grow light, and give it at least 16 hours of sunshine per day. If you have self-flowering plants, I recommend going for 20 hours a day.

The longer the light period, the faster the plants grow and the larger they are. This is true up to 20 hours a day.

That’s why you shouldn’t do more than 20 hours a day.:

It is also very conducive to your plant’s growth if you give it at least a few hours of rest (dark) a day. And if you spend 20 hours a day, you eat in that rest period, which will negatively affect your plant’s growth.

How do you water during vegetative growth?

The following applies only to cultivation in the soil!

During the planting phase, you did not get much water (after the initial watering). You are mostly pulverized.

Now that your plant has sprouted and the first sets of true leaves have appeared, it’s time for water again.

But overloading is the most common mistake novice producers make.

How do we avoid it?

First of all, we will understand the frequency of watering your plants …

How often do you need water?

You must understand that the cannabis plant grows best on a wet/dry cycle. This means you leave the soil completely dry (not just the first 2 inches or something) before you water it again.

In the vegetative stage, do not keep the soil moist. Let it dry completely.

In general, the soil will dry out every few days. If you are unsure, check the bottom of the earth. If it is dry: time for water.

Who will water the plants?

Water the plants slowly and take frequent breaks.

Start with a quarter and make sure you water the entire surface first.

If, after the initial quarter, no run-off can be detected, start with the second quarter. But this time, it’s just for watering the edges. In this way, the force of the water will force the nutrients to the ball-root of your plant, which is located in the center.

How to feed plants during vegetative growth?

While the seed itself has enough nutrients to germinate the plant and sustain the first 1-2 weeks …

After these first 1-2 weeks, your plant will need some support in the form of external nutrients at some point.

But Supercharging is another common mistake for beginners.

Fortunately, this is easy to avoid with a few simple guidelines.

The basic rule of feeding plants is:

It is always better to under-feed (under-fertilize) than over-use (over-use) the plants.

Removing excess nutrients from the soil or nutrient solution is a plague!

With this rule in mind, it’s time to divide this part into:

How to feed the soil box, and;

How to provide when growing in a hydroponic system.

Because you will have very different feeding schedules depending on this distinction.

How to provide yourself by cultivating in the soil

before starting …

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