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How to stop eye twitching?

Many experiences are annoying and disturbing. Eye twitching is one of them that irritates the person. However, every disturbing habit has a cure. In the following article, we get to know about How to stop eye twitching? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

The other name of eye twitching is myokymia. It occurs due to stress, allergy, dry eye, poor hygiene, and tiredness. Moreover, this muscle contraction mostly occurs in the lower eyelid. 

There are many treatments but if the symptoms are mild, don’t be worry about it. You can treat it at home too. Some exercises can also help you out from it because prevention is better than cure.

Let’s discuss how

Medication to stop eye twitching

Following are the steps that those can follow who are suffering from eye twitching.

1- Stress is the main issue that causes eye twitching. Take complete rest and find some relaxing time for yourself.

2- If you are taking too much caffeine, try to decrease the quantity of it.

3- Don’t use e-devices and take a complete nap to relax the mind and body muscles.

4- Do proper eye, head, and neck massage with warm oil to relax the eye muscles.

5- Dry eye is also the cause of eye twitching. Use eye drops to cover up this issue.

6- stiffness in power can be cured by massage or exercise. Exercise can also relax your mind, and it feels good to the soul as well.

Complications from eye twitching

Eye twitching can cause many complications in the human body. 

1- Continue eye twitching can disturb the facial expressions of that side. Face drops down due to this condition.

2- Muscle contraction can cause the twisting of other body parts as well.

3- It causes discomfort in the body and daily life. Sometimes, it causes the loss of memory due to disturbance in the central nervous system.

4- Eye twitching causes stiffness in the muscle, which creates a problem for the tongue to speak. And can also freeze the other body parts.

5- This stiffness leads to irregular sleep or disturbance in sleep patterns. And it causes tiredness. 


Excess of everything is bad if you are constantly observing twitching of the eye rush to the doctor. But if it is mild so, no need to be panic. Many remedies are discussed above. Follow these steps, and you surely can avoid them. If you follow any other effective treatment, discuss it with us by mentioning it in the comments.

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