How to share location in WhatsApp?

How to share location in WhatsApp?

Do you want to share your location with a person or with a group of people on Whatsapp? In this guide, I’ll explain how to do it. It is a handy function if you want to be found by your friends. In the following article, we get to know about How to share location in WhatsApp? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

How to tell your friends where you are: 

  1. Enter the chat 
  2. Click on the share button below. 
  3. Select the position item. 
  4. Tap on a real-time location.
  5. Click on next. 
  6. Choose the duration of sharing
  7. Press the green button at the bottom right to confirm. 
  8. You shared your area in real-time on WhatsApp. Now they can see where you are.

If you are unable to share your location with the instructions above, please continue reading this tutorial.

How to share actual-time location in chat 

Enter the individual or group chat where you want to share your geographic location. 

Then press the button with the paper click symbol. 

It is located at the bottom.

On the next screen, select the item location to share your geographical location in the chat. 

Whatsapp displays your location in real-time on a map.

Click on the green real-time position button. 

To continue free next. 

 Choose how long you want to share your location in real-time. 

I 15 minutes

ii-  1 hour

iii-  8 hours

You can also write a comment. 

Then press the green button at the bottom right to share it. 

You shared your location in the WhatsApp chat

The person you shared it with can click on the message and see where you are in real-time. 

When other chat participants click on the message, they can see the map with your location in real-time.

The remaining time of sharing is indicated at the bottom left. 

After the time you set up , the shared location is deleted.

However ,  you can stop it any time.

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