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How to make iced coffee?

The basic recipe and four tasty variations

How to make iced coffee. Talking about cold coffee is easy, How to make cold brew coffee a little less preparing it properly.

We make a classic mocha most of the time, let it cool, and voila, the cold coffee is ready.

It is indeed coffee, and it is undeniable that it is the colourist. However, we need to understand if it is also drinkable.

Here are our tips for preparing an excellent cold coffee to delight everyone’s palates in an energetic and pleasantly refreshing way.

How to make iced coffee: here are the three basic rules to follow

As temperatures rise, having a good bottle of cold coffee in the fridge is always helpful.

It is an excellent drink to serve to guests and a greedy interlude to liven up the morning.

To prepare for it, follow these three simple tips, and you will see that the result will be completely different from your usual experiments.

  • Use an excellent quality 100% Arabica coffee (such as our Baciato Caffè Gran gusto ), capable of giving a sweet and slightly acidic aromatic note to our drink.
  •  Replace the white sugar with whole cane sugar or liquid cane sugar. Brown sugar has an aromatic aftertaste that goes well with a refreshing drink.
  •  Allow the coffee to cool completely before pouring ice, or the ice will thoroughly water down the drink. Prepare the coffee in the morning, and keep it in a glass bottle in the fridge. It will keep fresh until the subsequent use.

With these premises, let’s see how to make cold coffee starting from the base.

Ingredients for a 1-litre bottle of cold coffee.

  •  5 or 6 capsules of excellent quality 100% Arabica coffee (such as Baciato Caffè Gran Gusto )
  • Five tablespoons of whole cane sugar or liquid cane sugar

First, we prepare the coffee, taking care to dose the capsules well.

Our advice is to take a standard glass as the unit of measurement: the plastic ones contain about 200 ml of liquid. Therefore filling them five times will fill the one-litre bottle.

The standard dose is to use five coffee capsules, each of which must produce a glass of coffee.

If you love it small, you can get to 6 capsules, but don’t overdo it: remember that cold coffee is not served in an espresso cup but in a tall-rimmed glass, so the blend is more dilute to avoid an extra dose of caffeine.

Calculate one capsule per glass, gradually pouring the liquid into the bottle.

Once filled, pour in the cane sugar (liquid or powder, as you prefer), mixing the bottle well to dissolve all the sweeteners.

Once ready, you can close it with a cap and let it cool slightly at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator.

If you want, you can, at this point, add a spoonful of your favourite liqueur; we recommend a sweet aniseed liqueur to give an extra touch of sweetness to the drink.

Now that your base is ready, let’s see how to serve it best.

How to make iced coffee (or iced coffee): How to make cold brew coffee

The ice coffee is an American-style ice coffee, easy to prepare and pleasant to drink.

To prepare it, you need to get a glass with a high edge, which will be filled with ice.

We are not talking about two cubes, but enough to fill the glass.

Once complete, add the previously prepared cold coffee, stirring vigorously with a teaspoon.

Serve all garnished with whipped cream (if you like) and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder.

How to make shaken iced coffee: How to make cold brew coffee

shaken coffee is popular in bars.

Creamy and deliciously iced, How to make cold brew coffee this coffee is a must-have to prepare on the hottest summer evenings.

We consider it a basic recipe because only our bottled blend of cold coffee and ice is required for preparation.

This recipe can be prepared either at the moment (using a hot cup of espresso) or using previously cooled coffee.

In any case, put the coffee and six ice cubes per person in the shaker, start to shake well until a soft and compact foam create.

Pour the coffee into a martini glass, leaving the residual ice aside, and serve immediately.

If you want foam and “creamier” consistency, you can add a spoonful of whiskey cream to the coffee before shaking.

The liqueur will create a much denser foam, and the flavour on the palate will be much more robust and more consistent.

How to make Thai iced coffee with condensed milk

This recipe is particularly loved by those looking for spicy and intensely aromatic flavours.

Thanks to the presence of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and coconut milk, this delicious drink is perfect for serving after an ethnic dinner.

If you want to discover the complete recipe of Thai iced coffee, CLICK HERE and go to our old article! 

How to make Starbucks iced coffee: here’s the Frappuccino recipe!

The latest iced coffee recipe concerns the most popular drink of the international Starbucks chain, namely Frappuccino.

A cappuccino with a milkshake soul, the recipe can be prepared at home using our precious reserve of cold coffee.

The dose for one person is as follows:

  •  half a glass of cold coffee
  •  200 ml vanilla soy milk
  •  Two tablespoons of brown sugar
  •  5 ice cubes
  • whipping cream
  •  caramel topping

In a food mixer or robot suitable for crushing ice, pour the cold coffee, sugar, soy milk, and ice.

Soy milk is an essential ingredient for preparing a good frappuccino because the lecithin contained in it will create a dense and full-bodied foam.

Alternatively, if you don’t like vanilla soy milk, you can replace it with the same amount of whole milk, one teaspoon of pectin, and half a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Once all the ingredients added to the mixer, blend everything for at least 5 minutes until a soft and delicious compact cream has formed.

Pour everything into a tall glass, garnish with whipped cream and caramel topping.

Choose your favourite recipe and enjoy an excellent refreshing and energizing drink!

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