How to clear iPhone cache?

How to clear iPhone cache

Here we go again: How to clear iPhone cache?

you tried to download an app on your iPhone, and an annoying error message warned you that it is impossible to complete the operation, as there is not enough space available on the device. Intent on resolving this issue, you researched the Net and concluded that clearing the cache could help alleviate the problem. How to clear iPhone cache

 Well, that’s not quite the case. Cache files, which applications store on the iPhone (as well as on any other device) to speed up access to certain information that is used frequently, can take up a fair amount of space on the device’s memory; however, in case of real need, the operating system already deletes them automatically.

In short, it is generally not necessary to act manually. That said, if you still want to know how to clear the cache on iPhone and see if this operation can have a positive effect on your “iPhone by” (maybe even to restore the functioning of some app that “makes a fuss”), let us help you: in the following lines, I will be happy to explain how to succeed in this intent by acting in all the apps.

How to clear iPhone cache?

Let’s get straight to the point and see how to clear the iPhone cache by acting on the individual apps installed on the device. Know that each app takes on a different behavior for managing cache files, so how you can intervene on each of them also changes. Here is all explained in detail.

Automatic cache clearing function

Some iPhone applications (alas, very few!) Include an automatic cache clearing feature that can be conveniently activated from the iOS settings.

Going to the iPhone Settings app (the gear icon located on the Home screen), scrolling down, and selecting an app icon from those installed on your “iPhone by,” a screen will open where you may see the Clean on Startup toggle.

 The lever in question, if activated, causes all the cache data of the selected app to be deleted automatically at each start. Convenient, right?

Manual deletion of data

Many apps do not provide an automatic cache clearing function. But fortunately, they allow you to act on their data. Thus allowing the user to delete them freely in case they take up too much space on the iPhone memory.

Among the applications of this type, there are certainly Safari and other browsers for surfing the Internet, which allow you to delete the cache and other data effortlessly stored within them: you will find everything explained in detail in the next chapter of this tutorial.

 Now, on the other hand, I want to focus on another top-rated app that allows you to delete your data quickly: I am referring to WhatsApp, which among shared voice, video, and photos, is often responsible for space problems on many smartphones. You can’t talk about cache files in this case, but I think you’re interested in the subject anyway.

That said, to manage the data in WhatsApp, start the application on your iPhone, select the Settings tab (bottom right) and go to Data and storage usage> Storage usage. You will then be shown the list of chats that take up the most space on the iPhone. Select, then, the conversation on which you want to go to act, premiums voice Manage (bottom of the screen that opens), check the boxes for the elements of the conversation you want to delete ( photos, GIFs, videos, How to make cold brew coffee and voice messages are those which generally take up more space) and press on the item empty twice in a row to confirm the deletion of the selected data.

More Detail

Suppose you do not want to delete all the photos and videos present in a particular conversation. But only some of these, you can act on the individual contents by proceeding in this other way. Select the WhatsApp Chat tab, tap on the conversation you want to intervene on. Press on the chat title (at the top), go to Media, links, and documents, select the Media tab. Press on the Select item located at the top right. Check the thumbnails of photos and videos to be deleted.Tap on the basket (bottom right) and confirm.

For the rest, alas, I cannot go into more detail, as each app provides settings structured differently to allow the deletion of the data present within it. The only thing I can suggest you do is to go to the Settings> General> iPhone Space menu of iOS and see which apps take up more space on the phone’s memory: focus in particular on the space occupied by documents and data (you can check this information by pressing on the name of each app) and act on the most “bulky” applications.

 Generally, you may be able to find the data clearing settings (if any) in the Settings menu of each app. Perhaps, to dispel any doubts about the exact procedure to follow, you can do a Google search using terms such as “clear cache [app name] iPhone.”

Reinstalling apps

I’m sorry to tell you. But the only solution to clear the cache in apps that don’t have the automatic cache. The clearing feature or options for manually clearing the data hosted within them is to uninstall and reinstall them.

 For example, suppose you want to know how to clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone. Given that the app of the well-known photographic social network. (at least at the time of writing) does not provide either the automatic cache. Clearing function or options to clear the data hosted inside it manually. In that case, I’m sorry to tell you that you can only uninstall and reinstall it.

 I think you already know how to proceed with both things. In any case, a “refresher” never hurts. To uninstall an app from the iPhone, perform a long tap on the same icon on the Home screen. Select the voice. Delete the app from the menu that pops up. And give confirmation; to reinstall it. Instead, you have to look for it in the App Store and press the cloud icon placed in its correspondence.

 Clearly, before proceeding to delete an app. Doing so will lose all the data inside it. Make sure that the most important files are already saved on the cloud or your computer.

How to clear iPhone cache: Safari

As mentioned above, browsers are among the few applications that allow the user to manage the cache quickly.

 In the case of Safari (iPhone’s default browser), for example, you can go to iOS Settings (the gear icon on the Home screen) and go to  Safari> Advanced> Website Data to see the list of all websites for which data has been saved on the smartphone.

 At this point, you have to press on the item Remove all website data located at the bottom and confirm by pressing on the item  Remove now to delete all the cache data. Otherwise, you can operate on individual sites by pressing the Edit item at the top right. And swiping to delete the site.

 Another option that could help you free up space on the iPhone is the one related to deactivating the Automatically save offline lever in the Settings> Safari menu, which avoids saving locally the pages added to the Safari Reading List.

 What do you say? Don’t you usually surf the net with Safari from your “iPhone by,”?And would you, therefore, like to understand how to clear the cache in other browsers? Don’t worry.


  • Chrome – tap on the button (…) located at the bottom right, go to Settings> Privacy> Clear browsing data, check the item Cookies, site data, click on the Clear browsing data option (at the bottom of the displayed screen) and confirm.
  • Firefox – press the ☰ button located at the bottom right, go to Settings> Data management, activate the Cache lever, press the Delete personal data item (at the bottom of the screen), and confirm.
  • Edge – press the button (…) located in the lower center. The Settings button in the menu appears. Go to Privacy and security> Clear browsing data, check the Cache option, press the item Clear browsing data and confirm.

 By following the same procedures. As described above and selecting the options to clear history and other browsing data. You can also remove other information saved in browsers. And not just the cache. But be careful if you have activated the synchronization of browsing data via the cloud. You will delete the data in question not only from the iPhone.But from all the devices connected to the same account. Take this into account before doing anything!

 Finally, if clearing the cache didn’t help you. Free up enough space on your iPhone. I strongly encourage. You to consult my guide on free up memory on the iPhone. There you will find some more effective “tips” to remedy the storage shortage on your smartphone.


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