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How to make brown?

Here’s how brown is made: 6 ways to get it from primary colors. The color is obtained using red, blue, and yellow as starting tones. These three blends are called primary colors and cannot be obtained from other colors, but different shades of brown are obtained by combining them. The first way to achieve it is to mix red with yellow to have orange as a base. Add a small amount of blue (5%) and mix until it becomes chocolate brown. A second method is to add a hint of red to the green. Green is achieved by combining blue and yellow.

How to make Brown from primary colors

It is sufficient to add a little red to have a licorice brown. This simple exercise experiments with how is made and the six ways to get it from primary colors. Brown is a very complex color. The best browns are those characterized by a tendency to red, yellow, and green. By mixing red and blue, you get purple. By adding a small amount of yellow to the mixture, you have a brown that turns towards the latter color.

If you then mix the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow in equal parts, you get the same brown. Adding more yellow results in a lighter shade of color, while red and blue tend to make the shade darker. There are two other ways of how to make brown. In this case, you have to mix more colors. It starts with dark blue and dark green. They bond in equal parts to a similar amount of black, then add the same red and yellow. This results in a tending to black. You can lighten it by adding more yellow. It is easier to go to a store and purchase the brown tempera or acrylic needed to complete your painting.

In this way, more money would be spent, when in reality, three shades would be enough to create a palette of colors and shades of hues. Now that you know how brown is made and the six ways to get it from primary colors, faithfully reproducing a painting by identifying the tone of each color is more leisurely. Adding white to the mix makes the nuance lighter and allows for other textures and pigment variations.

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