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How to use instant pot?

You buy a new instant pot to make healthy food but don’t know how to use it? So don’t worry, in this article, I will tell you how to use instant pot and make your food faster and healthy. While cooking in the pressure cooker can lower the food’s nutrients, it doesn’t do it and store nutrition. So it’s a good thing for your kitchen. In the following article, we get to know about How to use instant pot? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

How to use the instant pot

To cook perfectly, you should know the basic things about the working of the instant pot.

It consists of a metal pot in which we put food and quid to cook in the outer instant pot. That is heated from the element presented below.

Plug-in electricity

It’s a good and easy point that instant pots need electricity, not the stove’s heat to cook food. So, it’s an easier way to cook food in less time. You have to plug in the electricity snd it is ready to work.

Fill the pot to cook your meal.

It’s not like an oven or fryer that you throw the food in it to cook. You properly add food and liquid for cooking. The liquid should be enough to cook the food. Otherwise, it may burn your food. The fluid may be water, wine, beer, sauces, chicken or vegetable broth, etc., and the food maybe rice, meatballs, pork, grains, yogurt, soups, vegetable, etc. The liquid quantity depends upon the food type. For 1 cup rice cooking, you should add 1.5 cups of liquid, and for pork or meat cooking, you have to add 3 cups or enough juice to cover the meat.

You can also manage the liquid quantity when you start using it by making different test experience with other foods.

It is faster in cooking than pressure cook like when you cook dried beans in the pressure cooker it takes half-day to cook properly, but in this instant pot, you can cook these dried beans in just less than an hour because it cooks the food in high pressure, air and heat.

Lock the seal of the instant pot

When you put the food and liquid in it, it’s a good time to seal it tightly. If both the lid’s pot and rubber fit tightly, it means you close it perfectly. Otherwise, it starts losing moisture, heat, and pressure. 

Set the pressure and cooking time

You can also adjust the pressure and cooking time according to your recipe. Just click on pressure cook, then pressure and select that you want it high or low. Also, adjust the cooking time. If you don’t make these changes, your pot will follow the last setting that you have made for the previous recipe.

Release the pressure

When the time is over, a vent looks like a lever. When you start cooking, turn the vent on the seal, and thus the pressure and heat remains in the pot and when the time is over, and you are done cooking, put it on the vent so that all the heat and pressure can release.

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