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How to take blood pressure?

Anything can be cured if the exact issue can be diagnosed. However, blood pressure and sugar level are the main things that everyone knows how to measure.

Every third person in the world is suffering from blood pressure or diabetes. So, for immediate medication, people should know about it. Moreover, advanced measurement machines even portable machines are available that even you can carry when traveling anywhere. And it is necessary to take this equipment along with you if you are a blood pressure patient.

Furthermore, you don’t need an expert or diploma to operate those gadgets at home. Just need to follow some guidelines and recommendations because modern devices have made it convenient that everyone can handle them.

You want to know simple steps to measure blood pressure.

Let’s discuss

Steps to measure blood pressure

Following are the steps that people can follow to measure blood pressure easily, even in homes or offices.

1- If it is a digital apparatus, it is easy for you to measure blood pressure.

2- wear a cuff on the arm and press the button start.

3- within minutes, the measuring value is on the screen. If it’s up to 120/80, then the person’s blood pressure is normal. 

By sphygmomanometer

1- put the cuff on the arm.

2- this apparatus has a meter to measure the air pressure in the cuff. By pumping the rubber pump, the air pressure ranges up to 300.

3- releasing the pump and holding the stethoscope, blood’s pumping through arteries can be heard, and the blood’s pressure can be measured. 

By monitoring watches

Now watches are available that you can wear on your wrist, and they can measure your footsteps, blood’s pressure, heart rate, etc.

Things to do

  • Check your blood’s pressure multiple times a day and even in a week.
  • If you visited the doctor and he records high blood’s pressure, don’t panic may be his apparatus went wrong due to multiple patient visits.
  • When you are taking blood’s pressure measurements on the wrist, keep your wrist above heart level. It is the right way to take measures. Otherwise, there will be variations in the reading numbers.


Technology has made it a lot easier to easily measure all medical measurements at home, even in an emergency. Above mentioned steps help you a lot in building confidence to check all these conveniently because it’s not rocket science.

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