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How to sew a button?

Sewing on buttons made easy – we explain how it works and reveal tips and tricks for sewing on sew-through buttons and bridge buttons. In this guide, you’ll know how to sew a button.

A button can get lost quickly – just how good that sewing on is done in no time at all. Here you can find out how to do it step by step.

Sewing on a button: You have to pay attention to that

  • Sew the button onto a double layer of fabric.
  • If necessary, reinforce the fine fabric with an insert.
  • Note the alignment of the buttonhole: A vertical or horizontal buttonhole requires that the button is sewn vertically or horizontally!
  • Use double thread for sewing.

Sew on the button: materials

  • Sewing needle: the coarser and thicker the fabric, the larger and thicker the sewing needle has to be. Special hand sewing needles are used for leather, jersey, and fabrics. Also, make sure that the needle fits through the buttonholes!
  • Thimble:  A thimble is ideal to protect your fingers. It is particularly recommended for thick and firm fabrics.
  • scissors
  • match
  • Yarn: The yarn must be tear-resistant and have a matching color.
  • Button: Sew-through button (two-hole button, four-hole button  ) or bridge button

Sew on the button: that’s how it works!

Sew on sew-through buttons

  1. Lay the thread twice, guide the loop through the eye of the needle. 
  2. Determine the button position, guide the needle, and thread at this point from the wrong to the right side of the fabric and back again – the loop remains on the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. Guide the sewing needle through the loop and tighten it: This replaces a knot!
  4. Guide the needle to the right side of the fabric and pierce the first hole in the button. Then guide it through the adjacent hole and back onto the wrong side of the fabric. 
  5. Insert a match between the top of the button and the thread. In this way you ensure the necessary distance (bridge) to be able to guide the button through the buttonhole later.
  6. Pass the thread through the holes several times to sew the button in place. 
  7. With a four-hole button: Do the same with the other two holes. Accept button either parallel or crosswise.

Caution: If crossed, the area could become very thick, depending on the thickness of the thread!

  1. As soon as the button is stuck, bring the needle to the right side, remove the match and wrap the bridge repeatedly.
  2. Bring the needle to the left and form a loop by first poking through a few sewing threads and then through the loop again. Tighten and repeat the step.
  3. Let the thread come out about two centimeters next to it over the puncture site and between the layers of fabric and cut it off. 

Sew on the button with bridge

With bridge buttons, the spacer – the so-called bridge – is already present, so no match is required to sew on these buttons.

Apply all points up to and including step 4. Then guide the needle directly through the bar of the button and then onto the wrong side of the fabric. Repeat the process several times. Get on at step 8 and finish sewing.

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