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How to make onion rings?

The onion rings recipe is one of the easiest ones. It is the simplest snack that is made within minutes. Some people enjoy the taste of onion with some fried batter over it, but some people do not like it. If you are an onion lover, this recipe is for you. Let’s move on to the recipe without wasting even a single moment. 


The first step to making onion rings is to gather all the required ingredients. You can always deduct and add ingredients to your batter. But keep the basic ingredients the same as required. The ingredients you are going to need are listed below; 

  1. A big onion. (peeled and sliced in rings)
  2. One whole egg
  3.  about 3/4 cup of breadcrumbs (dried and fresh)
  4. One tsp of salt for taste 
  5. One cup of milk 
  6. Black or red pepper powder for taste
  7. Ground coriander half a teaspoon
  8. Ground cumin seeds half a teaspoon
  9. All-purpose flour one and a quarter cup
  10. Baking soda half a teaspoon. 
  11. Oil for frying

Once you get all the ingredients in your trolley, take them out on a shelf and wash them if needed. Now take an onion and peel it off. It is one of the hard tasks to do. Try not to shed tears while peeling and cutting onion :D. Once you are done with onion, now wash it and let it dry. It is time to prepare the batter. 

Please take a deep bowl and add all-purpose flour to it. Now add all the spices, including salt and pepper. Add baking soda to it. Now mix all the ingredients and pass them through a sieve to remove lumps. Take a separate bowl and crack an egg into it. Beat it well with a hand whisk or use a beater. 

Slowly add milk to the dry ingredients we sieved. Keep mixing it continuously to avoid the formation of lumps. The batter should be thick enough to coat on the onion. Now add the egg we have beaten before. Mix it well and prepare a smooth paste. The batter is ready to be used. 


Put the stove on and place a frying pan over it. Add oil into it that is enough to deep fry onion rings. Once the oil is hot for frying, turn the flame to medium. Now take the onion rings one by one and add them to the batter. After coating the batter over them, coat with bread crumbs. 

Now is the time to place the coated rings into the oil. It will hardly take 15 minutes on low to medium flame to cook perfectly. Once the crumb turns golden brown, take it out on kitchen paper or tissue and drain all the oil properly. Serve them hot with ketchup or any sauce. You can enjoy it with tea or coffee in the evening. 

Additional suggestion:

If you are a cheese lover, you can add cheese to the middle of the ring and coat it as a whole. The coat should be thick so that no cheese may come out of it. Enjoy your onion rings.

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