How to make cake flour?

How to make cake flour

How to make cake flour.  Have you heard of it before? If you, like me, like to try recipes from the USA now and then, definitely even. In Germany, there are already enough types of Flour: 405 for cakes, 550 for yeast dough, 1050 for bread, etc. So do you need special Flour again?

Baking is a remarkable thing. When cooking, you can experiment with most dishes (although this is not particularly recommended for a soufflé, for example) and leave things out or add others as you wish. Baking, on the other hand, is a mixture of chemical processes and experience. Just changing something (even a tiny thing) can lead to … well … exciting results. That’s why I use Cake Flour when indicated.

What is the difference between all the flour types?

This question was difficult for me at the beginning of my baking career. Did you also stand in front of the shelf and stare at all the type names with a slightly cross-eyed look? 1600… 812… 1050… Hello! I want to bake something and not fly a spaceship!

By the way, my confusion was complete. At some point, I also read that these numbers reflect the minerals of the respective Flour that remain after it has been burned … But after I understood that, it was also logical why light cake flour (type 405) has a lower number than dark rye flour ( Type 1150).

In the meantime, I no longer have any problems with the different flours, and even without looking at the recipe, I know that 550 flour is the right choice for my yeast dough. Well … And after I thought I was climbing, the Cake Flour came around the corner. The difference to type 405 flour, which we use for cakes and pastries in Germany, is the lower protein content.

Type 405 is 8 – 9%. Cake Flour at 6 – 8%: How to make cake flour

Cake Flour is mainly used for fluffy cakes (such as our biscuits), cupcakes, and the like. Everything that should produce a delicate, airy, light result. I imagine you can tell the difference. That’s why I have Cake Flour on my shelf. There is no equivalent to this in Germany (as far as I know).

I bake a lot. And since I don’t feel like ordering huge flour packages online, I just make my Cake Flour myself. It’s super easy, and you (probably) have all the ingredients at home anyway.

I wanted to mention one more important thing: If you use an American recipe and want to use regular flour (type 405) instead of cake flour, you must not forget that 1 cup APF (all-purpose Flour and similar type 405) and one cupcake of Flour don’t have the same weight!

One cupcake of Flour corresponds to 1 cup APF minus 2 American tablespoons (tbsp) …

Off … pretty complicated. But you get used to it quickly … or you can easily make your Cake Flour yourself!

Ingredients: How to make cake flour

  • 500 grams of Flour, type 405
  • 60 corn starch.
  • One briskly whisked
  • Two bowls
  • One fine mesh strainer


Put the flour and starch in one of the bowls and mix thoroughly with a whisk. Then sift into the second bowl and then back into the first bowl. If you want to do it exceptionally well, you can filter the flour and starch mixture up to five times. And voilà … the homemade Cake Flours is ready.

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