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Illustration commentary on how to draw a cute anime-style face! Even beginners can draw beautiful contours with simple tips!

I want to draw a face with a cute shape like an anime character, but unlike the realistic outline of the face, it’s difficult and I can’t draw it well.

When drawing something with a complicated shape, it will be easier to understand if you replace it with a simple shape.

So, this time, let’s see how to draw by replacing the outline of the face and the shape of the eyes with numbers from the illustration of smile who summarized the face drawing course¬†

How to draw a face

  1. First of all, draw an elongated shape of the number “3”.
  2. Add a splash at the end of “3” and draw from the chin to the ears.
  3. Next, draw the number “6” in a circle.
  4. The number “6” drawn earlier is actually the eye part. Place “6” on its side in a comfortable place.
  5. Add nose and mouth.
  6. Draw the pupil and upper and lower eyelashes on “6”, and add the lines of the eyelashes and eyelids.
  7. Take the atari of the crown and back of the head and draw the outline while being aware of the three-dimensional shape of the head.
  8. Draw the flow of hair according to the atari of the head.

An anime-style character has been completed by drawing body parts other than the face!

The contours of the face and the shape of the eyes are complicated, so it’s easier to understand if you replace them with numbers and simplify them.

Summary of How to draw anime

It was a face drawing course that was easy for beginners to understand. I forgot the shape of the outline of my face … Is there a way to draw a face in an easy-to-understand drawing order? If you worry about how to draw a face. Please refer to Smile’s explanation course on how to draw a face.
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