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How much should a newborn eat?

How much should a newborn eat? Whether pre-milk from the bottle or breast milk: infants have a few daily drinking meals to satisfy their hunger and thirst. For normal-weight babies, it is about 5 to 12 “servings” a day. Exactly, you can tell by the value how different the “eating behavior” is. Some worms report every hour and want something to drink, while others may consume the same amount in fewer units. And then it can happen to you that one day you feel like breastfeeding non-stop, while the next day your breast is much less prevalent. All of this is completely normal and fine. Even grown-ups do not have the same appetite, hunger, and thirst every day.

Determine the baby’s drinking amount

Suppose you do not have to feed urgently because your little sunshine z. If, for example, you have lost weight after birth, your mouse usually sets the tone for the meal and determines the demand. Especially when breastfeeding, you cannot measure how many ml of breast milk has been consumed. Therefore, continue to breastfeed as needed. The milk powder manufacturers have average recommendations on the packaging of how many bottles there can be, depending on age. If you want to calculate how much your baby should be drinking right now, there is a simple rule as a guide:

Baby’s weight: 6 = ml-indication of the recommended daily drinking amount


Weight of the baby Drink amount per day
4000 g 666 ml
4500 g 750 ml
5000 g 833 ml
5500 g 916 ml

Is my baby getting enough milk? How much should a newborn eat

There are various signs of this. A simple indication is the number of wet diapers. There should be at least four to six heavy disposable diapers or six to eight wet cloth diapers per day. A healthy baby’s urine is clear and odorless. If you’re unsure how bulky a full diaper should be, pour six tablespoons of water on a disposable diaper and hold it in one hand. You take a dry diaper. On the other hand – the weight should differ significantly.

Drinking amount for babies: What else can babies drink besides milk?

In the first half of the year, your offspring do not need any extra fluids. Breast milk adapts to your baby’s needs and changes its composition. Thus it quenches hunger and thirst. That changes after the introduction of complementary foods. At the latest, when the third porridge meal is on the baby’s nutrition plan, your sweet tooth needs additional fluid, preferably in the form of water. This is also the start for the little world explorer to learn to drink independently from a cup. Water fun included.

In addition to water, unsweetened baby tea in organic quality is also possible as a drink. Especially in summer, when the thirst is particularly significant, a thirst quencher with taste is delicious and encourages children to drink enough.

Important: Overall, the German Nutrition Society recommends. V. to reduce the total water intake for children to a maximum of 1 l after introducing complementary foods and up to the age of 12 months. This includes solid food and drinks together.
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