How much protein in chicken

Highly protein, low in fat and very digestible, these are the main virtues of chicken meat

Chicken? Protein and lightness

– Poultry meat, apart from the differences between the various parts, is an excellent source of animal protein, with a protein content ranging from 17 g of the wing with skin to 23 g of the breast per 100 grams of edible part. Chicken and turkey have a very favorable amino acid composition capable of providing a high supply of lysine, – important for the formation of collagen, antibodies and carnitine – histidine and arginine.

An exceptional concentration of proteins in the face of a reduced content of collagen which together with the lower caliber of muscle fibers, typical of these meats, makes chicken and turkey particularly digestible and suitable for everyone’s diet.

High biological value proteins 

– Debunking an old prejudice that considered chicken and turkey meats to be less nutritious. New data show how protein values ​​are competitive with other meats. The protein content of 100 g of poultry in fact ranges from 23 g of chicken breast to about 24 g of turkey breast (24.2 female – 23.7 male). An important concentration considering that the same amount of veal contains about 20 grams.

A correct intake 

– The importance of the high protein value of poultry meat is even better understood. If we consider that in a balanced diet. It is necessary that a group of foods such as meat, fish. And eggs are always present to ensure a correct intake of proteins of high biological value. And other important critical nutrients such as iron, zinc, and some B vitamins. In general, both the number of proteins and their biological quality in meat reach very high levels. Suffice it to say that with only 100 g of meat. It is possible to cover about 35/40% of the daily protein requirement recommended for an adult.

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