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Difference‌ ‌between‌ ‌Electrical‌ ‌and‌ ‌ Electronics‌ ‌

Let’s learn the basic differences between electrical and electronics by comparing one with another.


Electrical technology is all about dealing with the generation, distribution, storage, conversion of electrical energy or power, etc. On the other hand, electronic technology deals with scheming, strengthening, and switching electrical energy with the help of different electronics apparatus.

Fundamental role 

There is a major difference in the fundamental role of electrical and electronic. In the electrical circuit, electrical energy always consists of the flow of electrons. However, In the electronic circuit, the energy consists of the flow of electrons and the hole.

Voltage and current 

All electrical devices are known to produce voltage and current, but Electronic devices control the voltage and current. In addition, electrical devices work on Alternating Current (AC). The AC power might be ranging from a single-phase to three phases (220V/440V) in the ‘V’ to ‘kV’ range. On the other hand, electronics work on direct current (DC). The voltage range is ‘mV’ to ‘V’ with the general rating of the voltage ranging from 5V to 24V, etc.

Conducting material 

In all the electrical environments, the conductor is used. The best and common conductors are Copper (Cu) and Aluminum(Al). Oppositely, only semiconductors are used in electronic circuits such as Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), etc.

Specification of Component

Electrical devices always consist of passive components such as Resistors, capacitors, and inductors. However, electronics consist of active components such as diodes, transistors, and oscillators. 


Electrical devices can’t manipulate data, but electronics possess the power to manipulate the data to assign.

Electrical Power: Difference between electrical and electronics

In the electrical circuit, the role is to observe or control the high electrical power, but an electronic circuit is all about monitoring or controlling low power.

Decision-Making: Difference between electrical and electronics

The electrical device has no power to decide. For example, The electrical bulb cannot make a decision. But electronic devices can easily make a decision, such as mobile phones can make a quick decision.

Energy Conservation

Electrical energy can convert into other forms of energy such as heat, motion, or light, but electronic energy does not convert into other forms.

Size: Difference between electrical and electronics

Electrical devices usually occupy a large size and require more space. Electronic devices always come in small sizes, and it is easily possible to transport the electronic circuit or pieces of equipment.

Example: Difference between electrical and electronics

Some of the common examples of electrical devices are Transformer, Alternator Motor, and Generator, Fuse, Circuit breakers, etc. Diodes, transistors, and microcontrollers are common examples of electronic devices.

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Electrical and Electronic System

In the electrical system network, electrical power will always be transmitted from generation to distribution system. But for all the electronic systems It is possible to transfer the power with the support of different types of equipment. From the Technical viewpoint, both the electrical and electronic devices always require a flow of electrons for the circuit operation. In both electrical and electronic circuits, the modernizer is obligatory for transmitting the voltage from one device to another. 



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