Difference between Center and Centre

Difference between center and centre

Spelling differences between American and British English always confuse writers.  Center and Centre demonstrate this confusion. Like many analogous words, Centre is papular as the older term; it later became Americanized as a center during a period of quick linguistic development as the United States prolonged its inspiration around the globe. Depending on the audience, there are circumstances when either Centre or center might be more suitable.

Difference Between Center and Centre

The prominent differences between center and Centre give below: 

When to use the center

As a noun, the center sometimes mentions the exact midpoint of something. Some of the examples to clarify this point:

  • At the center of my chocolate piece was a delightful, crystallized cherry.

Other times, it mentions the type of organization, like the Pew Research Center. It also refers to a building or facility used for different activities, like the sports center on a school campus or the Lloyd Center shopping mall. Here are some examples: 

  • Sara works at the Center for Disease Control, but she can’t tell the nature of her work.
  • Ali’s family founded the Autism Center when they could not find the facilities their son required using current resources.
  • For decades, call centers have replied to requests based only on the order they were received: First in, first served. –The Wall Street Journal

Furthermore, as a verb, center refers to position something in the middle of a prearranged area, finding a middle, or rotating around the main topic. Here are some examples: 

  • Center your drill bit by running it in reverse on top of the hole marker.
  • Before you can rehearse yoga efficiently, you must center yourself in the current moment.
  • Queries of animal ethics center around descriptions of personhood.

When to Use Centre: Difference between center and centre

The Centre is another spelling of the same word. Center is standard in American English, and Centre is the accepted term in British English. For example, Tesco is shutting two of its UK centers in a move that will generate more than 1,000 redundancies at the superstore chain. 

Trick to Remember the Difference

It is a well-known fact that Americans always prefer the center by a wide margin. The opposite holds for British writers. It is wise to choose Centre for British audiences and center when there are American audiences. If you remember that Centre is spelled with the letter sequence re, like Reader’s Corner in Essex, U.K., it will be easy to remember to reserve Centre for mainly British audiences.


What is right: center or Centre? Center and Centre are just two spellings of the same word, which has a diversity of meanings as both a noun and a verb. The spelling “Center” is common in American, whereas “Centre” is the British spelling. Therefore, it’s right to conclude that Center and Centre are both accurate spellings of the same word. Though, where anyone lives influences the acceptability of spelling. 

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Depending on the context, it is often observable that the is being used in America and the center being used in Britain. Still, these practices are infrequent and often considered affected by their fellow countrymen.


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